Vergina was the capital of the Ancient Macedonian state and at that time was named Aiges. The tomb of the King of Macedonians, Philip the 2nd, father of Alexander the Great was discovered in Vergina. In the archaeological area there are royal tombs, the Palace and the ancient Theater. The archaeological Museum exposes findings of the Macedonian age, such as the golden shrine of Phillip the 2nd, the golden wreath of Phillip the 2nd, the golden crown and the urn of Alexander the 4th, son of Alexander the Great.











Mount Olympus

Usually Litochoro is where the travellers start their journey to ‘conquer’ mount Olympus. Through Enippeas valley you can get to the “Prionia” location, at an elevation of 1100 meters. At 2600 meters of altitude you will find the plateau “Mouson,” where there is a lodge for visitors to rest. There are many organized routes through view sites and springs where travellers can rest and enjoy the magnificent nature.











Ancient Dion

In a distance of 15 klm, on the foothill of Mount Olympus the village Ancient Dion is located, holy city of the Macedonians, where in ancient times celebrations were held to honor Zeus and the Mouses, the Olympics of Dion, as well as the temple of Zeus of Olympus. The Archeological Site and the Archaeological Museum are worth visiting.












Thessaloniki is a city that can satisfy even the most demanding visitors. Visit the numerous city Museums, enjoy the tastes that the traditional taverns and the widely known patisseries can offer, do your shopping at the historical center stores and live at the heartbeat of the nightlife entertainment of a city that never sleeps!











Platamonas' Castle

The castle of the Franks is built southeast of
Olympus, near the village of Platamonas.
It is the best preserved castle of the area
and is located on the old highway.











Palaios Panteleimonas

The Traditional Settlement of Paleos Panteleimonas is situated in a distance of 25 klm from Paralia and in an altitude of 600 meters. Visitors can walk through the cobbled roads to get to the center of the village where they will find the church of Saint Panteleimonas and the square. All around there are traditional cafes and taverns, while the view to Thermaikos is fascinating.












Meteora represent a unique geological phenomenon and at the same time one of the biggest monastic compounds in Greece. Its upright and weather bounded rocks are as high as 400 meters and span an area of thirty kilometers. In this area there are 24 monasteries, most of which were founded in the 14th century. Today only six monasteries operate. Meteora have been described by the UN Organization as a Monument of Cultural Heritage.

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